Grant Hulegaard

Staff Engineer

Grant Hulegaard is a seasoned software engineer with a breadth of experience throughout the software development lifecycle. At Candidate Labs, he is chiefly responsible for architecting and scaling our data platform, working closely with our CTO, Ryan.

Grant was the first US software engineer at NGINX (later acquired by F5 Networks) and the second backend developer on the NGINX Amplify project. He helped build and scale it into a monitoring and analytics platform ingesting data from NGINX+ and OSS installations alike, tackling challenges scaling big data in a SaaS environment with strict SLA requirements.

Prior to Candidate Labs, Grant was a senior engineer on the platform team at United Masters where he built out the next generation of the UM platform to help empower artists to publish music without labels. This included the occasional moonlighting as a data engineer - helping the data science team scale their PostgreSQL database.

When not enabling novel data-driven solutions, he enjoys unplugging in the great outdoors. He has combined his passion for the outdoors with a desire to give back to his community by serving as a volunteer Ski Patroller for the National Ski Patrol.

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